Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Since a few weeks we are working together with Eco Care PH to provide sustainable beauty products in the Philippines. They are a local company based in Metro Manila and produce all of their beauty products with natural and organic ingredients.

After we tested several companies we decided Eco Care PH is the way to go. With all natural ingredients and 100% PLASTIC-FREE packaging. We think that this is the way to go.

Toothy Tabs - Zero Waste Solid Toothpaste

Beside of their homemade soaps, shampoos, conditioner, deodorants, they also have solid toothpaste called toothy tabs. This great invention helps you to clean your teeth without any chemicals and also without producing any plastic garbage at all.
You will get all of their products in our online store and also all of our products in their store. We always encourage strong connections to our partners if local or abroad. Together we can create a Zero Waste Network with the goal of providing affordable Zero Waste Solutions for any home.


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