“A creative mind sees the purpose and beauty in everything.”

Recently, I received a gift of goods that I can use with “zero-waste” purpose. It includes a bamboo cutlery set, bamboo toothbrush, glass and stainless steel straws, and some organic soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner. But I’m not saying that we all need these things to survive our journey. I decided to pursue this lifestyle because I know that it would make a difference. That if only I could be an example of a sustainable life, then others within my circle could see my efforts to save the environment and make their own commitment , too. My point is that with or without these things, we could still  make something out of what we have in order to live by a “zero-waste lifestyle”.

I believe that creativity is innate in anyone; we just need to appreciate the output of its being because it is definitely different in each one. I may not be good in the usual artistic stuffs, but I can do some crafts out of the resources that I have. D-I-Y concepts are also on a popular note nowadays. Artistic or not, all we need to do is bring out the creative mind that we have and learn to improvise.

Since I also need to learn these things, I did a little research on the most popular yet simple concepts we can start with.


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