Push On

“One cannot achieve anything by resolving to quit.”

I have to admit, this is as hard as expected. I thought that with new perspectives in mind, this journey to a zero-waste lifestyle would be easier – but somehow, we still do need to consider other factors. Though we already committed ourselves to this mindset, circumstances still might arise where we can’t help but to deviate from what we wanted. For example, necessities such as food products (beverages, condiments, frozen goods, etc.) are usually associated with plastic components. But on a positive note, we can just dig a little deeper and exert more effort to lessen if not put it to an end.

I believe that we are now both aware of some ideas and actions we can do to make this journey work. However, we find ourselves thinking that we cannot make any difference that we tend to just ignore the fact that we can help even in the smallest thing we will do. I still drink [plastic] bottled soft drinks, but rest assured that as long as there is any way I could avoid it, I would do so. In local markets, each product you buy is usually placed in a [cellophane] plastic bag, but you and I both know that we could stop this by thinking ahead of time: bring your own bag fit for all the goods you will buy, learn to refuse too much plastic bags, etc. This might seem really small actions but it’s what we can start with, right?

So the next time you doubt yourself if you are really making a difference, if this is all worth it, just believe that even small things make an impact. Keep pushing through to what you believe is right, because everything you do matters. Question is, is it for the greater good or not.

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