Eye Am In

The eyes are not just a part of our body enabling us to literally see things around us. It has a purpose if we could just look beyond what is obvious -- to appreciate beauty, and the readiness to spot otherwise. Thus, it is a powerful tool for observation, awareness and empowerment.

It was in high school that I realized that even though I am constantly being reminded about the principles on how to protect our environment from wastes materials such as plastics, I am also one of those who contribute to the problem. How? As simple as this: Whenever I go home from school, I would buy a bottled softdrink and some snack. Then, after consuming the food, the wastes will be thrown straight outside the moving vehicle. Imagine yourself doing such a simple act on a daily basis! But no worries, there is still hope as always. Good thing is, I have changed. So, what made me see things clearly?

I started observing other people doing the same exact thing I did with my trash, and I felt really bad about it. I thought of scolding a person one time, but I didn't have the courage to do so because I knew that I did that too. It felt humiliating. That is my turning-point, to never do that mistake again so that I can somehow influence other people. 

We may not even know if people are watching our every move, but let us believe that they are. Question is, what would they observe in us? You see, I did my part with this problem, and fortunately I have seen that some people are now conscious about their actions. Moreover, I am now confident in telling other people not to make the same mistake again. Our environment doesn't deserve to be trashed.


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