One Step at a Time

It was just recently that I came to know the concept of "zero-waste lifestyle". I noticed a friend decluttering her room and pointed out that she is about to change her ways [from that day on] and try to have a sustainable life.Then, I met my colleagues who introduced me to products that are eco-friendly. Now, I am also trying to have a different perspective and putting my interest on becoming an eco-warrior.

Changing our ways, and the things we are used to cannot be perfected overnight. It needs determination and commitment. Simply, change takes one step at a time. I believe that in doing so, one should have the heart to pursue whatever change it is you wanted to follow. Moreover, it is never too late to do something that not only uplift one's life but also contribute greatly for a greater cause -- in this case, adapting to zero-waste lifestyle which helps the environment.

So, what should I do to make this work? I think some people out there asks the same question. Thus, I plan on making a list of steps on how to become an advocate of zero-waste and sustainable living myself.

Since I consider this as a new venture, a journey that would really change my life for the future, I will be posting the list in partial and as individual blog posts. However, I am hoping that you would also join me not only as we make our lives better each day but also by helping Mother Earth.


P.S. Let's start this one by taking a small step by availing sustainable goods and products already available in our shop

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